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Digital Pakistan Conference
Expo Center, Karachi

Topics for FINTECH

Keynote Panel: Beyond Mobile Money: The Future of Finance in Pakistan

As Fintech moves beyond mobile money, what are the trends and technologies that will reshape Pakistan’s financial landscape going forward. What will Pakistan financial firms look like in 2030?

How Blockchain can Transform Pakistan

From zero-fee borderless microtransactions to payments for wholesale interbank settlement, Blockchain has already started making its mark in region. Where does the future lie? Is Blockchain the missing piece to financial inclusion? What are the technological and regulatory challenges impeding the growth of Blockchain in Pakistan? How can we drive interoperability & scalability?

Building the Data-Driven Bank

Data is the new oil of the digital banking era. Banks leverage data and analytics to optimise, extend and transform business processes and uncover innovation opportunities. From customer insights, to real-time margin and liquidity risk analysis, what are the key data management use cases for the banking industry? What are the key strategies to become a data-driven bank?

The Future of Banking is Open

Middleware and APIs are linking banks and FinTechs to power next generation open banking and accelerate a brave new world of financial services. Governments, Fintechs and financial institutions all have a lot to contribute to how open banking is implemented and utilised. The short-term focus is on interoperability, but what is the longer-term vision for open banking innovations?

Hunt or be Hunted: Moving from Reactionary to Proactive Cybersecurity

Cybercrime is getting increasingly sophisticated and targeted, with new threats emerging almost daily. This session will shed light on key learnings of recent high-profile cyber breaches in Asia and discuss emerging threats, proactive cyber defense strategies and talent development.


E-commerce in Pakistan the Untapped Potential

E-Commerce in Pakistan is at a nascent stage with modest Internet retail sales despite 38 million Internet mobile users. However, it is an emerging sector with a noticeable surge in recent past in online vendors, local E-Commerce platforms and online payment facilities introduced by banks and large cellular companies

Customer Acquisition by Data Driven Marketing Strategies

Business leaders are pondering over questions like: Big data vs. small data: how do you filter through the data noise and identify what’s relevant? Quantifying the real value of social for their business. Trying to figure out how can the business build social KPIs into business’ objectives? and using analytics to accelerate customer understanding

Cloud & Data warehousing: The Future of Data Infrastructure in the Internet Business

Many data warehouses deployed today were developed during the 1980s and were built for on-premises data centers typical of the time. With modern, cloud-built data warehouse technology now available, you can gather even more data from a multitude of data sources and instantly and elastically scale to support virtually unlimited users and workloads while ensuring the integrity and consistency of a single source of truth without a fight for computing resources

Effective Ways to Design Cross-Channel Experiences for Today’s Always Connected Consumer

The epicenter of a holistic customer experience strategy is the intelligent and insightful integration of a variety of customer-related data sources. Unified cross- channel customer experience strategy has the potential to inject efficiency and personalization to both commerce and customer-care initiatives

Using AI to Analyze Unstructured Data and Predict Customer Behavior in E-commerce

Utilization of unstructured data is crucial for every company that wants to improve its business processes and get the most out of its own experience. It will help to drastically improve customer experience and the overall interaction between the company and its clients